issue two printed

24 of 50 issues have been printed
12 have been sent

. preview . issue two

currently printing issue two : identity

here are a couple of pages

okay fabric

okay fabric . ridiculously giant jumper . one size fits all . featured at 'expression' fashion parade . location: chapel off chapel . date: april 10 2008 . model: daniel whitechurch

issue one: memories

13 pages . pages printed on different papers . taken + found photographs

page 1

poster . size: a2

memory brooches

meet me at the corner tshirt . american apparel . any size

market stall


okay is a hand made magazine.
its numbers are limited

issue one: memories my memories, your memories, memories you wish you knew, and memories you wished were your own. each memory is captured by a snapshot there are no copies left.

issue two: identity i like the way you talk its not you but i want you to keep it. for now. don't worry, no one can see theyre ten years late. your buttons gone i wish i could keep you. i dont see you.