okay t-shirts

i spent some time putting up some okay pictures on my redbubble account.
sometime when i have saved up a bit of money i will get some made and sell them in my online shop + maybe at a market!
but if you need a new summer t-shirt have a look! click here

here's a few!

issue four!

dear everyone,Add Video
okay issue four is now for sale!

click here to go to the shop!


okay issue four

i just made issue four of okay
it will be available online next week but if you are in melbourne the first copies will be sold at the Blackbird Summer Market this Saturday!
it should be an ace day - there's lots of fantastic designers + crafty people selling their stuff aswell as bands playing live too! plus it is at the worker's club which means you may have a vodka lime + soda while you shop!
details of the market are as follows:
Blackbird Market
Saturday 5th December
@ The Worker's Club
51 Brunswick St,
Fitzroy VIC

here's a sneak peek at issue four

printing the first page of issue four right now! hope you can make it to the market!
okay xx

blackbird market

i will be at the very first blackbird summer market with issue one, two, three and trying very hard to have issue four finished!
i hope you can come to support + discover some local designers, artists and musicians.
click the picture below to visit the market website

i reprinted some issue one and two and have put them on my etsy shop if anyone is interested.
they are unnumbered.

click here to go to the shop

just wanted to say a bigbigbig thank you to everyone who has bought okay issue three!

ive even saved enough money to get okay a website! it is at www.iloveokay.com and is completely boring right now but when i make some time it will be beautiful

also, to anyone in melbourne who likes markets i will be having a little stall with my best friend at round she goes market on sunday 4th of october - with lots of vintage clothes + copies of okay.
i am even going to reprint some more of issue one and issue two, so what ever doesnt sell will be on the etsy shop

hope to see you there

there is only 7 issues left on the etsy shop
other than that i will have a handful at the next round she goes market but then they'll all be gone!
love okayxx

issue three is finished hoooooooray
love okay x


10 issues of issue 3 will be in a secret location as of saturday!
im not saying where but if you find it you will be the first to see it

issue three: summer

the summer issue will be ready for february

i will be selling some on etsy or trading if you have something fancy

please find me on we make zines