mynameisgoo said...

I caught up with your exhibition in Leongatha a few weeks ago and bought a copy of okay issue three there. I am so impressed with it! I hope you don't mind, but I have included info on my blog at http://artellacafe.com/blogs/art_garden_blog/default.aspx

I wish you every success and am hanging out for the next issue. Thank you!

mynameisgoo said...

Me, again! Couldn't work out how else to contact you about a bad link to your etsy store in this post. Hope you can get it fixed soon!


L said...

thank you so much for the lovely message. your little write up on your blog really means a lot to me and i am flattered you think so much of okay. i really just make it because i love making things!
when i make the next one, which will probably take me another 12 months!, id love to post it to you. please email me your postal address and ill keep it til then :)

take care!

mynameisgoo said...

No worries! Shall do. Cheers!

this is it; said...

Hey there, I would love nothing more than to get a copy of your little magazine. It looks absolutely brilliant, let me know how. x